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Singlet Privilege Checklist

Singlet Privilege List

Please note this is a collaborative effort of the plural community here on Tumblr and is not to be tied to any one person/system in particular. We’re posting it here for discussion. -Scorpii

As a singlet…

  • It is assumed you exist.
  • You will be legally recognized as a person.
  • You have a reasonable expectation that people will see you as a unique and individual person.
  • You won’t be told that you need to stop existing as an individual to be healthy.
  • You won’t be told that you’re a hallucination.
  • You won’t be told that you’re faking your own existence.
  • You won’t be told that you exist as the result of someone else coping with trauma.
  • It will not be assumed that you exist as part of a disorder.
  • You can go to a mental health professional about an issue unrelated to being a singlet and not have the subject changed to the fact that you’re a singlet.
  • You can go to a mental health professional with the expectation that your issues will be regarded as real.
  • Your past experiences and memories will not be questioned for being a singlet.
  • You will not be assumed to be a danger to yourself or others for being a singlet.
  • Being out and vocal as a singlet will not threaten your personal life, job opportunities, or risk institutionalization.
  • You can expect to see other singlets represented in the media in a positive light.
  • Being a singlet is not vilified or exotified by the media (see Sybil, Fight Club, the majority of this page).
  • You aren’t expected to look like someone else or share their race, religion, or other traits.
  • Your race and/or species are not called into question for being singlet.
  • Your capability or mental health are not calling into question for existing as a singlet.
  • You can easily remain ignorant of the existence of multiplicity.
  • You can dismiss multiplicity as illness, childishness, or imaginary.
  • You can go your entire life without being called a singlet.
  • You can ignore your singlet privilege.